Here is a sneak peek of some projects I did over the years.

GoLite Compiler

A GoLite compiler project made during a compilers class. It is made in OCaml with ocamllex and Menhir. This project made me discover many things: the GoLang programming language, the complexities of building a good AST, and the joy of functional programming.

GitHub Repository

Pastery for VSCode

An extension to upload code to directly from Visual Studio Code.

Demo of the extension

Blog Entry

Visual Studio Code Marketplace

GitHub Repository


An improved version of the atom-pastebin extension for the Atom editor.

Atom Package

GitHub Repository

Z80 Computer

I made a Z80-based computer a few years ago. I could not do much more than read inputs from push buttons and control two 7-segments displays (not in this picture). However, it made me discover the inner-working of a computer while having tons of fun!

Bird view shot of the computer circuit

Blog post coming soon


Sometimes finding the rights open source project to contribute to can be a pretty daunting task. I wanted to help people discover new open source projects so I made a website that presents you the readmes of GitHub repositories picked randomly. The website is down but you can take a look at the code on the GitHub repo (I was very new to PHP programming back then 😅)

GitHub Repository

Ti-83 Plus Programs

I made many programs and games on my calculator back in high-school. One of my games got so popular at my school that some teachers made strict no-calculator policy in their classes. Thankfully, nobody revealed my identity to the teachers.

Most of my programs/games were made in the Axe programming language. This language being rather low-level, I got a lot of insights about the inner-workings of a computer with it. The Ti-83 Plus also introduced me to assembly programming on the Z80 processor.

I will add screenshots if I ever find my old calculator.

QR a File

When I was younger and still discovering the wonders of backend development I made a little website that let you share files using QR codes. A user would upload a file on the website from their computer/cellphone and a QR code containing a temporary link to download the file would then be displayed on the screen. The skills in PHP I got from this project is what permitted me to land my first job as a PHP developer for my college back then.