I recently discovered Pastery and I felt in love with it. It is exactly the pastebin I would make if I had to make one. It is simple, efficient and not cluttered with ads (I’m looking at you, Pastebin). However, up to very recently, there was not VSCode extension for Pastery. I decided to change that with Pastery for VSCode.

Pastery for VSCode makes it possible to upload to Pastery directly from VSCode. I tried to make the interactions as short as possible so that a piece of code can be shared in less than a second (if you are very fast with a keyboard, that is).

How Does It Work?

You press ctrl+alt+p or look for Upload to Pastery in the command palette. Then, you input the paste title and expiration delay. Once the paste is created, its url is added to your clipboard for you to share.

Animation of the the paste creation process

My Experience

This pretty short project was very fun. It made me discover how VSCode extensions work. It was also my first Typescript project. I had heard a lot about this language and I wanted to give it a shot. I was pleasantly surprised; this language really brings a breath of fresh air in the Javascript ecosystem. I am looking forward using this language in the future.

GitHub Repository

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